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How to find the best Bitcoin pages

MoonBitCoin - this is a Moonfaucet where the profit increases over the time.
You will get, for every daily login, a bonus which will increase the amount of Bitcoins by up to 100%. At the same time you can claim a small amount of Satoshis, just by pressing the "claim" button every 5 minutes. Furthermore, you will get a so called "Mystery Bonus", which even the provider itself nomed just a "?".

Freebitco - also a Faucet which is very profitable. Here you can get around 350 Satoshis per hour, but there is an option where you can multiply your Bits with a so called "Multiply BTC Game". As well you can get for every roll 2 tickets for the lottery. You can also buy them seperatly. Mostly the Lottery gives about 1 to 3 BTC away. You should just login to this site. It is profitable.

CetoBeto - here you can get many free coins with Pikachus help. You can start withdrawing these by just 100 Satoshi. They only Keep 2% for transaction fees. Also you have the option to activate little Pika and he collects 2 Satoshi per minute only for you. When you come daily on this site, you can play small minigames where you earn more BTC. Great Bitcoingame, absolutley recommended and guranteed withdraw with your earned coins.

ClaimBTC - with this Faucet you can get new Satoshis every 20 minutes. Also you get some daily coins just for the login. Also you have the option to multiply your BTC revenue. The best featureis, that you can get this as app for your smartphone. So you can effectifly fill up your wallet. Try it! It works great.

Primecoin: earn Primecoin every 30 minutes

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