NastyHosts Blacklisted You

Sorry, but your IP address, is flagged by NastyHosts.

You wonʼt be banned by this faucet just because of this — apart from being redundant, I have no idea if you actually did anything wrong!

You can contact the owner of this faucet on Faucet Hub and request to be whitelisted through a private message like this: /pm bitman29 Your faucet,, says my IP ( is blocked by NastyHosts. Could I please be whitelisted? Thanks in advance!

For reference, this is what NastyHosts has to say about you:

{"status":200,"asn":{"asn":14618,"name":"AMAZON-AES -, Inc., US"},"country":{"code":"US","country":"United States"},"hostnames":[""],"suggestion":"deny"}